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09/03/2017 admin

We were fully booked, with 30 participants arriving for another 5 day wrestling, grappling and fitness camp and retreat. This time of year on Lastovo is a hidden blessing for the majority of the locals who are slowing (and cooling) down from the high and heat of the summer season; the tourists are a rare sight to see and the kids are back at school. For campers, this meant the popular hotspots around the island were free for them to indulge and train almost all to themselves – besides the odd seagull or yacht.

Mihajla bay

The September lull usually is accompanied by the cooler weather and the rain – but for not for this camp. With temperatures ranging between 20-30⁰C, no one could have wished for better weather perfect to train in, swim in, sunbake in, and explore the endless array of Lastovo’s beautiful surroundings. The campers used the weather and locations to their advantage, training everyday by the sea or in the gym with their 6 varying trainers providing a new and exciting experience in each session. A favourite training location of this camp (and often others) was in Mihajla bay, because of its pool-like sea side and sandpit perfect for the eager wrestlers and grapplers of this camp.



As for the fitness junkies who love long distance running, Lastovo did not disappoint at this time of year, holding its annual 4km Fun Run around the main village. The locals (and what was left of the tourists) arrived on the “Pjevor” (Lastovo’s main street) to watch the exciting race. Almost all of the participants of the camp, including some of the willing locals, were part of the race to win one of the three prises of 1,000, 2,000 or 3,000 Kune, a bouquet, medal and a trophy. Although a lucky Lastovo local outran all of the racers, sports camper Mateusz Bierzanowski was quick enough to snatch second place beating a tourist who came in third.

The usual 4-5 training sessions were cut down to one for the last day of this camp. This allowed campers to explore the island at will on scooters, on the sea, by the sea or in the sea or hiking in the hidden paths around the island. At the restaurant campers indulge in their final meal of grilled squid and fresh fish accompanied by the family’s home made wine until the wee-hours of the morning reminiscing of their amazing time on the island and making the most of their last few hours before departing on the Catamaran.