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4 Healthy Lastovo Holidays Habits You Can Keep Throughout The Year

We have enjoyed spending this summer with all of our guests, trainers, chefs, friends, locals and you – reading this blog. Every year we have new people come over to reach new goals, take a break, create new friendships, relax and have a lot of fun! This is why we are always excited about Lastovo Holidays and love creating this experience for you: there is something different and new about it every year. We have learned some new lessons and confirmed some old lessons still true so let’s take a recap on this summer’s Lastovo adventures to see what we can take with us to help us stay fit and healthy throughout the year.



Yes, it is amazing to do your training at the beach. There is no better setting, feeling or motivation than staring at the crystal blue sky and water while doing your work outs. On the other hand, we had a lot of fun at the fitness camp, experimenting with equipment, the location and things that just came in handy. We suggest you do the same when you get back home. Your gym, office or room are not as boring and monotone as you might think! Take a look around and we’re sure you’ll find an interesting prop or surface you didn’t think of using for exercise before… Also, if you lack ideas, you can always team up with someone! Which leads us to number 2…



Your body should not be the only thing to keep in shape after your vacation is over: your friendships are as important. Whether it’s friends from Lastovo Holidays fitness camp or those back home, good relationships with your close ones are as important for your health as going to the gym or eating healthy. And, to add to it – they make great company at lunch or dinner but can also give you support whenever you have trouble keeping in shape and reaching your goals. Make sure you spend quality time with your friends, even those you might have met during your vacation. Who knows when you’ll meet again! With all the social internet tools, there is no excuse not to keep in touch. Just look at your summer photos and you’ll be calling them in no time!



Lastovo is such a beautiful island that it makes it almost impossible to get a bad photo around here. But, aswe cherish the summer memories and moments, it is important to get inspired from this experience. andcontinue to look for beauty in your everyday life. Doing photography back home will keep you exploring, adventurous and fit while you’re. walking around, discovering new motives and landscapes. It’s also a great way of working on habit #3, since. you can share your photo-experience with your Lastovo Holidays friends. And don’t worry if you fell like your skills are poor: at Lastovo Holidays you must have learned already that improvements are always possible if you just keep trying. Also, just doing the IG stereotype food shot will make you happy and be enough to start a conversation (about nutrition at least!). Speaking of food…



Eating on Lastovo has proven to be so healthy because of the simple fact that all the food is locally grown, caught and prepared. It is pure like the nature of Lastovo: there are no added artificial chemicals in it whatsoever. So, if you want to make sure you are always eating healthy, wherever you are, you can ask around for recommendations, go grocery shopping at your local market and look for local farmers nearby on the internet. That is how you will make sure your food is healthy, fresh and tasty. You don’t need to order it all the way from Lastovo…


We hope we have given you some ideas on how to make your life feel more like a fitness vacation, wherever you are! Work on it just like you would work out, and that Lastovo Holidays feeling will stay with you for the rest of  the year…

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