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4 Reasons Why Lastovo Is the Ideal Fitness Island

Lastovo isn’t just amazingly beautiful – it’s also incredibly healthy for you! Here on Lastovo we are getting fit without moving a finger. Here’s how!

1. Outdoor Freedom

There is not a lot of traffic going on on Lastovo and, with very few cars around, we are free to take over the roads! Since we love sports, there is no need for transportation: walking, running, hiking and biking gets us anywhere on the island within a few hours max. Try to get off the beaten path and enjoy an off road adventure, with magnificent views of forests, hills, vineyards and beaches…

2. Vitamin Sea

It is always a great idea to take a break from exercise and stop by the shore to take a swim. The sea temperature is just right for body cells recovery, the sea water helps the muscles relax and the sea minerals, like Zinc and Magnesium, make our bones stronger and rejuvenate the skin!


3. No pollution

Lastovo is perfectly isolated, in the best way possible: we are free from noise, air, sea and light pollution! The island is 94km away from the shore and 14km away from the nearest island. There is not one big city there, only 5 small towns: together they amount to a population of little over 800. Tranquility, fresh air, clear waters and blue skies are not only great for your health but also for your eyes! Just look at the night sky and you will understand what we mean…

4. Sunbathing

Here on sun-friendly Lastovo we never stop basking in sun’s energy and Vitamin D! The unpolluted clear skies are letting through more sunshine than your average tourist-crowded summer destination. We enjoy 2700 sun hours per year, making us some of the sunniest people in the Adriatic!