A Daytrip To Lastovo Village: A Local’s Guide And Recommendations

We have mentioned many times that, despite being very peaceful, there is much to see on the most remote Croatian island. Yes, you will never go wrong by just going to the beach and enjoying the nature but getting to know the locals, their lifestyle, habits, traditions and history is such a bonus for every traveller!

We promise you won’t regret taking a few beach hours off your schedule to go on a daytrip to the very heart of Lastovo – its eponymous village. Though there are no beaches nearby, you will find life buzzing through its stone-paved streets. Here are a few activities and sights that we, the locals, always take our friends to see, to experience this charming place.



Whenever something’s cooking, the Fumari are fuming! Can you guess what they are? Chimneys! These are a Lastovo special because they are rich in decorations. They themselves are decorating the beautiful 15thand 16thcentury traditional Lastovo houses (another one of Lastovo village’s sights to see!). Each fumar is different so pay close attention to the details in order to admire their delicate craft.



The skalinade of Lastovo are its stairways made of stone. Start your historical walk from the very bottom of the village and move your way up. That will be your walk through the feudal Lastovo, when the poorest lived at the very bottom of the village and the aristocracy lived at the top. The higher you climb, the more you can enjoy the view, not only of the village but also of its surroundings. Lastovo was built on a hill right between the island’s two main life sources: the clear sea and the fruitful fields. Which brings us to our next destination…



We already wrote about grocery shopping on Lastovo. If you are going for full local immersion, you’ll have to try something local and fresh. Whatever you choose to eat (or drink!), you’ll be enjoying the ancient Roman hedonism lifestyle the same way we are sure the Romans did during their stay on Lastovo.

But if you prefer having the body of a Roman god/ess to the Roman hedonism, check out our fitness camp – we have a daytrip to the Lastovo village included in the program! Here’s hoping we’ll see you in Lastovo village soon…