Lastovo holidays

Lastovo is Croatia’s most remote island. It is swimming in the Adriatic sea with other untouched 45 islands, islets, rocks and reefs. Together they make an archipelago which is under protection as Nature Park Lastovo. From the beginning, Nature Park Lastovo set a goal to preserve the rich nature, heritage, and tradition in this remote archipelago.

Ancient Illyrians, Greeks and Romans saw the quality of island life and decided to settle down on Lastovo. Their historical remains can still be found on the island. And who wouldn’t settle on Lastovo, since it is one of the sunniest islands in the Adriatic, with 2700 sunshine hours per year and the average August temperature of 24.9 oC. 95 kilometers away from shore and relatively traffic-free, Lastovo is also free from light, air and sea pollution. Crystal clear waters, rich underwater life, forests and vineyards make for great swimming, diving, cycling, and hiking destinations.

Lastovo is both and adventure and a paradise island. In placing a high value in the virtually untouched Lastovo landscape, the Nature Park is actively involved in promoting island life and creating new, one of a kind experiences for islanders and guests alike.