Lastovo holidays


In your Lastovo Holidays apartment you can enjoy the bluest view in the world, overlooking the
Adriatic Sea. You will be relaxing in a clean, air-conditioned and well-maintained space where you
can find your peace. If you ever get bored of the view (which is highly unlikely), there are the TV
and wi-fi to keep you entertained. However you want to spend your holidays, you’ll find everything
you need in one of our 3 star studio apartments, each with a bathroom with a shower, a small
kitchen and a balcony.

You can choose between two locations:

  • Zaklopatica 42
  • or Zaklopatica 48

We recommend the latter, because there you will be guests in our new apartments, enjoying a most
amazing view, maximum privacy and immediate access to the sea.

Book now to make sure you get your dream holidays!