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Amazing Things To Do On Lastovo (NOT Exercise!)

Can we take a break from our active vacation please? Sure! Lastovo Holidays has got some exciting but relaxing activity recommendations for everyone visiting the island.


Going On a Picnic!

Lastovo’s beautiful landscapes are not just a delight for the eyes but also for the stomach – because that’s where we get our fresh, locally-grown and -caught food and wine from. Having a picnic is a great way to mix both the visual and the gastronomical delights. Will it be relaxing in the calm of a bay, hiding in the solace of a forest or enjoying a romantic hilltop view? Our advice is to rent a scooter for your picnic trip, so you can get around easy and find the perfect spot!


Perfecting Your Photography Skills

Lastovo has some undeniably beautiful and extremely photogenic locations that guarantee to catch the eye of every sea lover! But, when we are looking to really leave people in awe, we will go deeper… Snorkeling and SCUBA diving on the island are daily activities and bringing a waterproof camera along is definitely worth it! Also, seeing as how there is no air or light pollution on the island, this is THE place for night photography: where all of the images seem like magical imprints of the universe…



Lastovo is an archipelago so there are many islets all around, left for you to explore. And your transportation of choice shold be: by boat! You want to find that farthest beach, where you can truly relax, or the hidden cove, with all its mysteries and secrets… Spending a day on a boat is a little adventure you will be happy to share with your friends or family. It’s easy to find boats that go on day-trips around the island + if you are one of our Fitness Camp guests, we already have boat(-trip)s ready for you!

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