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An Active Vacation For A Fit Friendship

Everything is more fun with friends around – including working out, even when you really don’t want to. You might think it would be best to leave your plans for a fit vacation and just go with your friends to do some beach and chill? It’s tempting, but we are on a mission to build your muscles as strong as your friendships! So, here are some reasons why an active vacation with your BFF is actually a great idea.


Motivation and Encouragement

Our friends are our life’s personal trainers: they know our strengths and our weaknesses, give us advice and help us move in the right direction, so we can reach our goals. This is often exactly the kind of support you need to lift you up when you don’t feel like lifting anything, let alone weights.


A Challenging Yet Fun Competition

Working out alone is pretty zen but it’s so useful to have someone to compare yourself with and see how fit you really are. Competing with your friend is light and stressless because you can test each other’s limits with lots of understanding. Besides, you and your BFF will be laughing at your fails together, turning them into positive energy, fueling you for new challenges!


Healthy Life, Happy Friendship

The consequences of exercise and friendship are the same: an instant good feeling and eventual better quality of life. Good people and healthy habits are making your body AND your relationships stronger. Going on an active vacation with your BFF will make for amazing memories and create a new (healthy) excuse to hang out together in the future.


New Friends


Working out on your vacation will inevitably help you meet more people with common interests. It’s a good excuse for anyone who loves fitness to approach and join you – or you can try and do the same?! Plus, you can come to Lastovo Holidays fitness camp, with or without a friend, and meet new people who also love working out. Making friends here is part of our job, actually! That’s why we have so much good fitness and friendship advice.

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