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Beach&Chill, Pt. 1: Our Favourite Lastovo Beaches


Here on Lastovo Holidays blog we can’t stop writing about all the beautiful nature, beaches, sea and sun we’re surrounded by so it’s about time to get to the point! Let’s dive into the list of dream beaches on Lastovo you have to see.


The One With The Beach Bar

In case you are not an adventurer, don’t want to waste your time exploring and need a sure bet, Mihajla is the beach for you! It’s both the locals’ and the tourists’ favourite. There’s a beach bar there so you can get refreshments during hot summer days. This is your beach if you’re staying in Lastovo village since it’s only 1 km away. It gets extra points for fellow athletes, as there’s a volleyball court nearby.


The Mysterious Cove

Skrivena Luka translates to ‘hidden port’ in English. This cove is hidden on the southern shores of Lastovo. Peaceful and quiet, it too hides pebbled, shallow beaches. What it proudly shows though is the Struga lighthouse. Built in 1839 it is one of Croatia’s oldest lighthouses (and one of Lastovo’s main attractions).


The 2-in-1 Beach

Pasadur is a bay on the western side of the Lastovo island with a promenade (a bridge, actually!) that is connecting two beaches. One of them is Jurjeva luka: a pebbled beach safely protected from the wind. The other one is the concrete beach on the neighbouring islet Prežba. Both beaches are great for hiding underneath natural pine tree shade. The location is one of favourite sailing spots so getting there by boat is part of the authentic Pasadur beach experience.


The #instaworthy Shore

Saplun is a special one because it is the only beach on our list that is not located on the Lastovo island (it’s on the neighbouring island Mladine instead), you can only access it by boat and there are no restaurants, shops or bars anywhere around (so you have to bring your own food). Sounds crazy, right? Not if you are info crazy beautiful beaches! This is the place where you can really enjoy nature in its purest form, experience the Robinson lifestyle and feel like you’ve found your own little desert island… P. S. It’s also the only one on our list that is sandy!