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Beach&Chill, Pt. 2: Beach Yoga

You’re at the beach? Good! Got your towel with you? Great! How ‘bout an open mind? Sure! See, you’ve already got all the equipment necessary to do yoga! Yoga is a very practical (and cheap!) way to get or stay in shape during your vacation: there’s no need to transport any equipment or spend your vacation money paying for the gym or a trainer (when you could be going on a boat trip somewhere beautiful instead!). It’s also a great way to relax while doing something good for your body and mind…

If you’ve never done yoga, we suggest you first spend some time attending instructor-led classes to get acquainted with it better, in order to continue on your own (there are many articles and videos online to help you). As a beginner, don’t get scared by the limb-bending positions you can find on the internet. Yoga is about creating peace, serenity and positivity within yourself. What better place to start doing it than at one of Lastovo’s beautiful beaches?

Peaceful? Checked! Serene? Checked! Positivity… On the way!


For those of you who have already been practicing yoga for some time, taking it to the beach is a unique opportunity to create harmony with the nature and its beauty. It is a good place to find inspiration and motivation to deepen your existing practice…

Also, if you’re an athlete on vacation, yoga will help you keep strong and build muscles – or simply help you stretch in the morning!

Yoga is a relaxing practice so no wonder it can make you to let go and improvise, going where your body and mind take you… Especially if you meet some like-minded people! As you can see from our photos, the yoga-lovin’ guests at our fitness camp got along great while working out real hard that, by the end of the camp, they managed to pull off all of these acrobatics while having a lot of fun!

Surely, they wouldn’t have been able to make it without spending hours at the beach as well… 😉


We hope we gave you some motivation to hit the beach and do some yoga! In case you need more inspiration, check out our previous article, where we show you our favourite Lastovo beaches.

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