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Lastovo Foodie Menu

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Our last blog post was all about getting fit by working out, laying out a cool summer exercise program. This blog post is also about getting fit, but this time we have a cool summer food menu prepared for you and your fit body! Inspired by authentic Lastovo cuisine and mixed out of ingredients you […]


Amazing Things To Do On Lastovo (NOT Exercise!)

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Can we take a break from our active vacation please? Sure! Lastovo Holidays has got some exciting but relaxing activity recommendations for everyone visiting the island.   Going On a Picnic! Lastovo’s beautiful landscapes are not just a delight for the eyes but also for the stomach – because that’s where we get our fresh, […]

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Lastovo Diet Is BETTER Than The Mediterranean Diet!

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Well, to be honest – we are far from being objective on this matter. Lastovo diet is actually a type of Mediterranean diet. The difference is in that it’s not just a diet but part of a lifestyle that is specific for the island. And, just like the Mediterranean diet, Lastovo diet will help you […]