4 Healthy Lastovo Holidays Habits You Can Keep Throughout The Year

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We have enjoyed spending this summer with all of our guests, trainers, chefs, friends, locals and you – reading this blog. Every year we have new people come over to reach new goals, take a break, create new friendships, relax and have a lot of fun! This is why we are always excited about Lastovo […]

Lastovo By Night

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The autumn is here, which means that the days are shorter but the nights are longer. It’s no reason to mourn the fun under the sun though, because now we have more time to gaze at the night sky (and, occasionally, wish upon a star!). Lastovo is the perfect place to do some (or A […]

Amazing Things To Do On Lastovo (NOT Exercise!)

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Can we take a break from our active vacation please? Sure! Lastovo Holidays has got some exciting but relaxing activity recommendations for everyone visiting the island.   Going On a Picnic! Lastovo’s beautiful landscapes are not just a delight for the eyes but also for the stomach – because that’s where we get our fresh, […]