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How To Keep Your Strength During An Active Vacation

We have already written about sports massage and rehabilitation in case of an injury but to make sure you are and will be ok + hoping you get the best of your summer training, you should know it’s necessary to get a massage more often than only when you get injured.

Sports recovery massage is your average to professional athlete’s go-to method after training. It mixes various massage techniques in order to relax the muscles, soothe the muscular tension and shorten your recovery time. The sooner it is performed after a training – the better! The technique actually depends on how long you’ve waited to get the massage after you had your training. Our fitness camp therapists will know exactly how to help you, even when you are not feeling sore and didn’t get the massage right after training. And don’t worry – both the physical therapist and the beautiful view are included in the price!

So, what exactly happens while and after you work out that makes you really need that massage? The muscles are contracting during physical activity. The contractions make your body create extract lactic and carbonic acids. This chemical process causes muscle fatigue which prevents you from performing your best. A good massage can turn them into garbage that gets eliminated from your system pretty quickly, so you can go back to being active on your vacation in no time!

Besides, this type of massage has all the benefits of rehabilitation massages: it prevents you from getting injured and puts you in a calming, relaxing state… Also, you can expect to have more strength and a higher performance potential since it makes your muscles and joints more flexible and supple. And, the best of it all is that you can be carefree during your vacation because you won’t have to worry about getting cramps when you go for a swim – preferably in the beautiful, crystal clear Lastovo sea.

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