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Lastovo By Boat: Daytrips Made Of Summer Dreams

Boating around Lastovo is inspiring, fun, educative and breath-taking for tourists and adventurers alike. Chilling on a boat with your friends or family while enjoying the clear blue water and clear blue skies is what we all dream about when imagining our perfect vacation… Whether you’re up for an active vacation or craving a stress-getaway, a boat-trip will satisfy both those in need of action and those in need of an anti-stress treatment. For example, you can easily reach those hidden rocks and reefs by boat – because you’ve wanted to jump off or SCUBA dive under them ever since you first spotted their adrenaline-pumping potential from the distance. Also, taking a boat ride to that faraway, secluded beach no one can visit on foot or by car, is a guarantee you’ll finally get the peace and quiet you’ve been yearning for. We have already concluded in a previous blogpost that boat-tripping Lastovo is one of the amazing things to do here but now we’ll sail that idea further into the horizon and check-out all the destinations worth visiting!


Lastovo Archipelago

The island of Lastovo is surrounded by 45 islets and many more rocks, reefs, coves and beaches. Some of them are already on our Places On Lastovo Worth Visiting list but it’s only fair to give you a few recommendations:

           Skrivena Luka – a peaceful cove with an old lighthouse

           Mihajla – a bay protecting a popular beach

           Pasadur – a bay protecting two beaches connected by a promenade

           Saplun – a breath-taking sandy beach on the islet Mladine

And don’t worry if you don’t own a boat! It’s very common and popular to explore ans travel the Lastovo archipelago by boat so there’s no problem finding a boat to rent on the island.



The most forested Croatian island is also in part a National Park. Rich in wildlife and pristine in nature, it’s one of the most unique Adriatic islands.



The birthplace of Marco Polo, this island has more than history to tell: delicious food, beautiful beaches, peace and quiet.



An island that is both iconic and exotic: the furthest Croatian island is easy to find because of its famous lighthouse.



Whether you like it or not (but you will!), your trip will start by boat. To get to Lastovo, first you have to take the catamaran from Split, the biggest city on Croatian coast. It’s on your way so why not stay a day or two?

It’s hard to decide between all the fishing, sightseeing, swimming and sunbathing you can do on a boat but Lastovo Holidays has got you covered: all the fitness camp participants get boat trips full of adventure as part of the program. So hop on!

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