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Lastovo By Night

The autumn is here, which means that the days are shorter but the nights are longer. It’s no reason to mourn the fun under the sun though, because now we have more time to gaze at the night sky (and, occasionally, wish upon a star!).

Lastovo is the perfect place to do some (or A LOT!) of stargazing. Why? Because there is no light pollution (and not just light pollution – you can read more about it in this blog post).

So, in case you are a photographer (or a photography lover), a romantic, a dreamer or an astronomer, you will love exploring Lastovo by night. The quiet of the night is complemented by the image of the universe shining above you.

On the other hand, if you’re full of energy (even during night), always looking for a challenge and love to do sports, you should try challenging yourself to find the best stargazing spot. On Lastovo, we have a huge choice of those: it’s practically the whole island! This way, you will be busy running from one place to another, comparing the beauty of the sky above, discovering locations all over Lastovo along the way.

If you need some extra training to get ready, join our fitness camp, where you will also meet people who might just join in on the challenge.

Whatever your vacation style, your Lastovo holiday will be incomplete without this amazing stargazing experience. Going on a vacation is about relaxing your body and mind, recharging your batteries and getting a new perspective on life. Enjoy the calm of the clear night sky and connect yourself to the universe before connecting back to yourself. This is the journey you should make on every vacation you go to and Lastovo night sky is the portal that will take you there.

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