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Lastovo Foodie Menu

Our last blog post was all about getting fit by working out, laying out a cool summer exercise program. This blog post is also about getting fit, but this time we have a cool summer food menu prepared for you and your fit body! Inspired by authentic Lastovo cuisine and mixed out of ingredients you can find on the island, these Mediterranean meals are a delight to anyone in need of energy, building your body into (better) shape, and everyone in need of nutrients, while chilling in the summer shade. So, welcome to your favourite seaside restaurant – the island of Lastovo! Sit back and enjoy while you get served a healthy diet…


Refreshing Watermelon smoothie

(watermelon, mint, cucumbers, almonds)

Protein Breakfast Bowl* (vegan options below)

(eggs, fresh cottage cheese, barley, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, olives, basil)


Chickpeas soup “Čičvarda”

Grilled Anchovies* (vegan options below)

Capers Potato salad

Homemade olive-rosemary bread

Musk melon sorbet with l”arancini” sprinkles


Skinny Eggplant Lasagna* (vegan options below)

(grilled eggplant, ground turkey, homemade tomato sauce, grated goat cheese)

Fresh Vegetables Salad

(lettuce, tomatoes, olives, onions)

Glass of red wine “Plavac Mali”


Breakfast – toffu scrambled eggs bowl

Luch – grilled zuchinni and bell peppers

Dinner – lentils skinny eggplant lasagna

Bon appetit!