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Sports Massage And Rehabilitation

Exercise is great for your body and your health BUT it is almost impossible to avoid injury, no matter how hard you try. Unless you’re invulnerable like Superman (and even he isn’t invincible because – kryptonite!)… So, the question isn’t if you will get a sports injury but what to do about it?

Sports massage is your answer! It has become an important part of the training regimen among professionals and should definitely become part of your exercise program. In case of injury, sports massages are one of the best forms of rehabilitation therapy. You can expect full recovery a lot earlier if you get your massages instead of just lying in bed. It makes you heal faster because it helps stretch your connective tissue, improves circulation and even makes your body create fluids that help the muscles repair. All of this also decreases your chances of getting the same injury again: you’ll forget you ever got hurt!

Sports massages help with psychological as much as physical recovery. They stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, giving you a sedative effect: a sensation of relief and relaxation… A massage makes it so easy to forget about the pain, the stress and the fatigue. Once you get your thoughts away from your injury, you’ll have no problem concentrating on healing and new challenges!

Sports massage is highly recommended even if you don’t need injury rehabilitation. It makes your muscles more flexible, your joint range of motion wider and your nutrient and oxygen supply higher. All of this helps increase your performance and take you to the next level!

We at Lastovo Holidays realized how important sports massage is for all of us with an active lifestyle so we included it as a part of our fitness camps program! You get regular massage sessions with our favorite therapist so you can relax and make the best of both your vacation and your training.