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The Problem(s) With Going On An Active Vacation

So, you had the great idea to do make your vacation into an opportunity to get fitter, lose some extra weight or build muscle mass. You’ve tried it last summer but it didn’t quite work out as you imagined… You got distracted by the local cuisine and just had to try some (and by some we mean ALL!) of the local specialties. Or maybe you were outdoors so much, doing sports, that you were too tired to go sightseeing and enjoy anything else by the end of the day. Too bad, because you can make your active vacation so much more than just burning fat an counting calories.

Lastovo Holidays has had a lot of experience with tourists coming to the island, wishing they make the best of their active vacation and, unfortunately, not reaching their goals or enjoying the island as much as they wanted to by the end of their stay. That is why Lastovo Holidays’ fitness camps don’t center around one and only element of your vacation. It is an all-inclusive program that will take care of your fitness, health, nutritional, personal and social needs, as well as your need for adventure!

Lastovo Holidays fitness camps will have you working out daily alongside a professional trainer with and individual approach. You will be eating delicious yet healthy food, locally-grown and prepared by a team of chefs and nutritionists. And no way you’ll get tired or stressed from too much workout since getting a good massage every once in a while is part of the program. There are also classes about how you can keep fit and healthy once you go back home. Also, don’t worry about missing out on sightseeing since there is more than one day-trip and excursion scheduled for you to go and see the island! We are saving the best for last: at the end of the day, everyone gets together and hangs out, having fun and making friends. So here’s your active vacation free of problems 🙂


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