What Is Your Summer Vacation Style?

The summer is almost here and, if you haven’t planned your vacation already, we’ll help you start right now! Are you an adventurer who likes to spend your summers exploring exotic destinations? Or are you the active, athletic type, who wants to have fun while doing all kinds of summer sports? Maybe you just want to relax and enjoy the view from a safe and comfortable distance? Well, good for you – it doesn’t matter with Lastovo Holidays! We provide a wide range of services that will make your summer vacation fit your needs.


Lastovo is a small island but it has so many beautiful coves, beaches, hilltops, vineyards and historical sights that it would be impossible to just take a walk to see them all. Renting a scooter, a kayak or a SUP would make it so much easier for you to get around, explore and see every little hidden bit of the island.


Summer fun equals water sports! Or any sports for that matter, if you care for your body and are trying to keep in shape. Lastovo Holidays has got these amazing fitness camps that not only will help you get more fit but also educate you on how to live a healthier life altogether. The program includes daily training, education, physical therapy and excursions! Making friends is an added bonus. 😉


Lastovo is a remote island with very few inhabitants who have untouched nature to keep them company. This is the place where you come to rest from getting stressed and escape your daily routine. Our accommodation offers you full privacy with amazing views and air-conditioning. In case you get nostalgic, you can always go online (WI-FI is everywhere) but we doubt you will want to as your pool (the Adriatic Sea!) is right in front of your window.